The deliverables of MSC.ESE project are:

Sub Ref. 1.1 Kick-off meeting in GJU - Amman
Sub Ref. 1.2 Analysis of existing curriculum/guidelines in ESE
Sub Ref. 1.3 Analysis of existing infrastructure
Sub Ref. 1.4 Consortium workshop in Damascus – Syria*
Sub Ref. 2.1 Evaluation of universities programmes and syllabuses in JO/SY/TN/EG and EU
Sub Ref. 2.2 Evaluation of laboratories, equipment and teaching methods in JO/SY/TN/EG and EU
Sub Ref. 2.3 Capacity building and training of faculty staff and teachers in EU
Sub Ref. 2.4 International ESE conference at SU, Egypt
Sub Ref. 2.5 Building the detailed syllabuses and teaching materials
Sub Ref. 2.6 Completed specification and purchase of equipment
Sub Ref. 2.7 Consortium project workshop in EU
Sub Ref. 3.1 Preparing the new curriculum and teaching methods
Sub Ref. 3.2 Preparing the E-Learning platform, tools and knowledge
Sub Ref. 3.3 Realization of the new curriculum
Sub Ref. 3.4 Announce master's programme for admission
Sub Ref. 3.5 Follow up seminars and Open Info Days
Sub Ref. 3.6 Consortium workshop in EU at ESCI, Spain
Sub Ref. 4.1 Applying the new curriculum to students
Sub Ref. 4.2 Training by EU staff
Sub Ref. 4.3 Final evaluation on the curriculum
Sub Ref. 4.4 Management and academic teams Follow-up Meeting at KTH, Sweden
Sub Ref. 4.5 Student exchange visits and evaluation in JO/SY/TN/EG and EU
Sub Ref. 4.6 Concluding conference at SF, Tunisia
Sub Ref. 5.1 Internal dissemination
Sub Ref. 5.2 External dissemination
Sub Ref. 5.3 Website publishing
Sub Ref. 6.1 Promoting the long-term of the project's outcomes
Sub Ref. 7.1 Internal monitoring inside JO/SY/TN/EG
Sub Ref. 7.2 External monitoring outside JO/SY/TN/EG
Sub Ref. 7.3 Inter-project Coaching
Sub Ref. 8.1 Set up project management team and activities
Sub Ref. 8.2 Consulting EU experts and national tempus offices

* This meeting will take place in Egypt instead of Syria